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One Stop - We Shop

Getting Value From an Independent Insurance Broker

You can have one of our independent insurance brokers save you time and money at no cost to you. One call gets you the best price comparison for home and auto insurance from many providers across Alberta. More importantly we conduct a Direct-Line Coverage Review which ensures you have the coverage you actually need. There is nothing worse than learning what your policy doesn’t cover after an accident.

We are here to serve you in many ways. You can call us right now. You can fill in our online form to request a call-back at your time and convenience. We even have an online quotation service where you can explore quotations right now, although be careful – changes in deductibles and coverage change price so what you think you see, isn’t always what you’ll get. That’s why we’re here to help you.

It’s nice to have someone in your corner. One Stop - We Shop.


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New Logo and Slogan!

Direct-Line Insurance has a new logo and slogan! The text is bold, assertive, and italicized to give it the forward looking approach we take in working on behalf of our clients. The circle represents our work in encompassing all of our clients’ insurance needs while the arrow emphasizes how we move our clients through the insurance process - always in a forward direction. The “D” & “L” of course represent our name, Direct-Line, emphasizing our stability and strength that we provide to our clients in helping them manage the risk in their lives.

Our slogan provides insight into what we do for our clients. In today’s busy world, clients are looking for three things from their insurance – Protection, Pricing, Service. In the complex world of insurance clients need a professional to ensure they have the proper coverage, a variety of pricing options, and the service to save them the time from having to shop markets on their own. “One Stop” for the client, and “We Shop” on behalf of the client for the best in coverage, pricing, and service!

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