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Auto Insurance FAQs Answered!

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

What does your auto insurance include? If you have to scan through the copy of the policy that you have from time to time, do not fret? Most car owners know very little about the specifics of their car insurance coverage. There are a whole lot of facts about car insurance that a lot of people do not know. Having an insurance advisor by your side can prove to be most helpful in figuring out what type of car insurance coverage you have and whether or not the accident you’ve recently been in is part of that coverage.

If you’re confused or unsure about what you think you know about your car insurance policy, here are the top frequently asked questions about it. Some of the issues on this list might be your questions too. The answers that come with each one describe what a regular insurance coverage includes.

· Should I get More than One Insurance Quote?

Finding the right auto insurance coverage may be easier than finding the right home insurance policy. However, it does not mean that you should only settle for one company. Getting numerous insurance quotes from various insurance companies should give you options. Moreover, it shall make you the opportunity to learn more about what insurance companies can provide and what they cannot.

· What if I Tweak my Driving History a Little?

When insurance companies find out about the “white” lie that you committed, you can be charged with soft fraud. In such situations, insurance companies can deny you of insurance coverage and cancel the policy altogether. In the end, you’ll lose more money than you thought you could save with the white lie.

· What does my Auto Insurance Coverage Include?

The most basic auto insurance policy covers your car and the damages that it may incur during an accident, including other vehicles that may have been involved in the crash. Also, it includes a limited number of items that are found in the vehicle that may have been stolen or broken during the accident.

· Is it Mandatory to get Auto Insurance?

The government requires all vehicle owners to get at least the most basic of car insurance coverage. This is an extra step taken to protect all vehicle drivers, passengers and the like. To make sure you have the right insurance, it is best to talk to an insurance advisor about it.

The consequences of not having the right insurance coverage or not having car insurance at all are often understated. Sadly, it is usually late when people realized they should have invested in car insurance with the right amount of coverage.


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