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Car Insurance Mistakes That Will Cost You

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Did you know that you can buy a car and home insurance from the same company? Although this may not be new to you, very few people know that insurance companies give discounted rates for those who choose to buy more than one policy from them. More than the convenience in the paperwork that comes with buying from the same insurance provider, it is the actual financial savings that you can be after. If you are looking at buying car insurance from a different insurance company, you might be missing out on some real savings.

How much do you spend on your car insurance each year? Do you feel like you are overspending? Here are some helpful techniques you can avail of to get the best car insurance rates possible.

· Choosing to lower your deductible. If you plan to reduce your deductible thinking that it will save you on costs should be one of the mistakes you are making. Lower deductibles mean higher risks for insurance companies. So if you want to save on costs, increase your deductible to lower your insurance premium. Though your out-of-the-pocket expenses would be much higher in case of an accident, it will mean savings for you monthly.

· Not taking advantage of the discounts that insurance companies provide. It is relatively easy to lose money on insurance policies, especially when you don’t know which rates to go for. If you have your own business or are buying insurance coverage for your home, it is best to ask the insurance provider for discounted rates. If they can offer you an exceptional price, then that would mean real savings from your end.

· Not presenting your excellent driving record. Did you know that not being involved in an accident in the past could not only mean a flawless driving record but it could mean savings on your monthly premium? Responsible driving does not only save you from untoward road accidents, but it could also help you save on insurance costs. The next time you look for the right car insurance policy, make sure to talk about your driving record and how clean it is.

· Choosing vehicle models with safety features should help you save on insurance costs too. The airbag, Anti-lock for brakes, as well as daytime running lights,  are all safety features that not all vehicles have. If your car has it, your car insurance company can offer you the same insurance program for much less. The safety features help reduce the risks making insurance investment on your vehicle a breeze.

Now, which car insurance shopping mistake are you guilty of?


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