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FAQs on Car Insurance

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

A car insurance policy serves as the protection of your vehicle and the people who may be riding it at the time of the accident. It may cover a broad range of scenarios, depending on the coverage that you choose. Sometimes, you may have questions about particular items in the coverage, and it is best to ask them before the need to file for a claim occurs. This is to make sure that you can manage your expectations concerning the policy you bought and the help they will be able to provide.

Some of these questions may be as simple as hitting a deer and asking whether it’s covered by the insurance or as complicated as hitting a person while you were drunk and driving and wanting to know if the insurance covers such accidents too. Whether it is a simple question or a complicated one, it is best to get the answers straight. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about car insurance you may want to ask:

•    Will the insurance cover the parade float I am making for my car? As long as you are doing the float as a volunteer which means you are not paid, typically, insurance companies cover it with protection. To make sure that your insurance provider indeed provides protection for such, it is best to talk with their representative.

•    Does my car insurance cover damages incurred by a hail storm? If you signed up for comprehensive insurance, you don’t have to worry about the cost for the repair of damages caused by a hail storm. However, primary insurance coverage does not include the harsh effects of the hail storm in their coverage.

•    Does my policy cover tree damage? If you have a comprehensive car insurance policy, the company will shoulder any repairs needed or the replacement of your unit even, as long as it does not exceed the market value of your vehicle.

•    Will my car insurance policy cover a hit and run accident? The primary car insurance covers damages to the vehicle as well as the medical expenses of both the driver of the vehicle and the other motorist involved in the accident. However, some insurance companies may have specific needs that they will only cover, so it is best to coordinate with the representative of your car insurance company.

You can get the answers to all these when you sit down with your insurance provider representative. Take the opportunity to talk to them about your concerns before they become real life concerns.

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