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Fire: Does My Home Insurance Cover It?

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Your house may be the most important if not the most expensive investment you have to date. This and a lot of other reasons has had you buy a home insurance policy to make sure that your home is protected from all types of damages that may be caused by different kinds of disasters – both natural and human-made. People with homes but without home insurance coverage could suffer a lot when a disaster such as fire eats up their house. They will simply find themselves helpless.

From candle mishaps to electrical wiring problems, homes can be on fire for so many different reasons. Did you know that more than three thousand homes get to burn down by fire every year? Being prepared for the worst is a good idea – and this includes knowing whether the insurance policy covers fire disasters and how much protection it may provide.

Standard home insurance policies provide for the home structure as well as the declared belongings inside the house. In case your home catches fire, here are some of the specifics that most home insurance policies cover:

•    Dwelling place refers to the structure of the house as well as the attached structures like the garage. The insurance will cover the cost of the repairs needed to get the house back in shape. Should your home be uninhabitable for the duration of the repair or rebuilding, most insurance companies would also cover your home away from home like the hotel stay and the like.

•    Detached structures that are still considered part of your home are also covered by the insurance policy in case they get damaged in the fire as long as they have been declared before the purchase of the insurance coverage. Such structures include sheds, detached garages as well as the perimeter fence.

•    Homeowner’s insurance also extends its coverage to your personal property such as furniture, clothing, and appliances. If any of these properties get damaged in the fire or when the lighting strikes, the insurance company will cover its costs.

But with the right home insurance coverage, you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to rebuild your home from scratch. The insurance company will take care of it for you. Because you chose to protect your home from unwanted disasters and the damage that they leave behind, you can expect the insurance company to be there when no kind of help can alleviate the situation. The policy you bought from them will help you bring your home back.


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