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Fire Prevention Tips For Every Homeowner

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

The number of homeowners losing their homes to fire is growing each year. Despite the efforts of government and non-government agencies, there are still an enormous number of owners who seem to put themselves and their homes at risk for fire. Instead, people should look into the many ways they can reduce the chances of fire to save their property and to save their lives.

Is it possible to prevent the fire from happening? It is when you follow these simple tips. They will make sure that you are safe and all that you consider important and valuable do not fall victims to fire:

Did you know that unattended cooking has become the leading cause of fires in most homes? Although the appliances that you use in the kitchen are all electronic and perhaps even automatic, it is still important that you stay close when you’re cooking. This is to make sure that no untoward incidents happen.

1. Refrain from tossing wet or frozen food into a pan full of hot oil. The reaction between the water as the oil can get nasty. More than the oil splattering all over the kitchen, it could start a fire that you may not be able to contain.

2. In case the pan catches fire, it is best to put on the lid to give you window time to turn off the burner. It can be very dangerous and often disastrous to attempt to move the hot pan in the sink without any cover.

3. If you are using the microwave oven often, make sure that you only use microwavable containers. Read the label to ensure. A non-microwavable container might get broken or worse burst and catch fire while inside the microwave.

4. Do you have a space heater in the kitchen? Make sure that it has enough space and that anything that can easily catch fire is moved away from it while it is being used. A distance of at least three feet should help prevent fire.

5. Safety plugs should always be used around the kitchen. There are outlet covers available in the market to help keep the outlets safe when not in use. Such items prove to be helpful to households who have small children.

6. Avoid overloading the outlets by using an extension cord. Remember that these electrical outlets come with limitation too. Make sure that you only use at least two electrical gadgets or appliances at a time. Using more than that could put your house at risk for fire.

When you keep these in mind, you lessen the risk of your house burning down because of fire. Not only are you saving your home, but you are also saving lives in the process. However, it is best to put another layer of protection blanket to your home by getting it insured. With an insurance policy, you know that help will come when you need it most.

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