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Homeowner’s Insurance: What Mistakes Are Costing You?

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

With the storms, tornadoes and earthquakes are slowly sweeping the country, a lot of homeowners find themselves sad to know that the home insurance they think they have does not cover the damages that some these natural disasters could cost. Most of them expected that any damage to their property does not matter what may have caused it. These are those homeowners who may have neglected to read and learn more about the specifics of the insurance policy they had bought before they made the purchase.

Sadly, the little mistake that they did not read their policy could mean huge costs that they have not anticipated. One could only imagine being in a position where they need to have their house fixes, but they don’t have enough funds to get the work started.

As you read through the details of the home insurance policy, here are a few mistakes that you should avoid to keep from paying more than you could afford.

•    First, underinsuring your house is by far the biggest mistake you could make as a homeowner. Insurance advisors always say that when buying insurance for your home, you should always consider the money you need to rebuild it instead of focusing on its value today. Remember that you are buying insurance for the sole purpose of having enough money when disaster strikes and you need to have the roof repaired of a wall rebuilt.

•    Second, assuming that the homeowner’s insurance covers practically everything including the damages that may be caused by natural disasters like the flood is wrong. Take the time to review your insurance premium before you close the deal. Asking the insurance advisor of the specifics will ensure that you’ve got everything covered. Never assume anything. Make sure that they are actually covered.

•    Lastly, presuming that you will be paying a flat rate for the home insurance all your life is wrong too. Again, it is best to ask the insurance advisor as to the monthly cost of the policy, including the increases you should inspect in the coming months. After all, the value of your property does not stay as is when you first bought it. The cost may go up or go down, and you have to ensure that you have enough to cover the disparity.

So before things could get worst for you, the best advice to follow is to be a proactive homeowner. You may not be able to stop Mother Nature and all the disasters that she may rain you with, but you can always come prepared with the right homeowner’s insurance policy.

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