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How Much Home Insurance Should I Buy?

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

This may perhaps be one of the crucial questions that you have to ask yourself before making any home insurance purchase. The amount of coverage you should buy depends on a lot of different factors. The goal of every homeowner is to find home insurance that will be able to provide the right amount of coverage they need in case of accidents and emergencies in the house.

How much does it need to rebuild or repair your home because of the damage? The answer to this shall be determined before you go out there and collect home insurance quotes. How do you determine this then? Here are some tips to help you:

•    Tip 1: Assess the value of your property.

Determining the value of your property also means assessing how much it would cost to have each one of your belongings replaced. The cost shall include the structure in itself as well as the adjacent structures that you may have like the patio or the lanai. However, the price of the land should not be included in the assessment as most home insurance policies do not include property coverage. Have a realtor help you make an assessment. Don’t forget to review your home insurance policy each time you decide to have your home renovated. Any changes in its structure should be included the assessed value of the property.

•    Tip 2: Evaluate the protection of your property.

Apart from the structure itself, home insurance policies also include the protection of the contents of your home. An adequate amount is computed to ensure that the home insurance policy you’re getting is enough to cover the repurchase of the home items you have listed. Most home insurance programs cover as much as 50% of the total cost of personal properties you have lost during an unfortunate incident. Make an inventory of the things you own and if you can, take pictures of the expensive ones that you want to be replaced when needed.

•    Tip 3: Ask about home insurance exclusions.

This list of items is as important as asking about what the insurance program covers. Carefully read through the policy and check the list of the reasons for the home loss that is covered by the policy. Knowledge and understanding of such can help you manage your expectations. More importantly, it could help you decide whether the program that the company offers is the right fit for you and your needs. Take note that no insurance policy covers flood and flood-related damages.

How do you know that you’ve found the right home insurance program for you? Talk to an insurance advisor today and get the coverage that you need.

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