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Personal Auto Insurance: Facts You Need To Know

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

A number of insurance companies offer a variety of car insurance coverage but not all of them are the same. Although car insurance is required by the law in Canada, you still have to be very careful of the policy you buy. Understanding the facts about the personal auto insurance will help you figure out the policy that fits your needs.

It’s very tempting to buy cheap insurance as it would mean paying less. However, the truth about being underinsured can hit you at the moment you least expect. Some of the car repairs you need are quite expensive and if you don’t have enough car insurance coverage, it might stir out real financial trouble for you.

Insurance Premium

When you look for a car insurance policy, remember to ask for a quotation. It is best to know how much you’ll be paying so you can plan your finances ahead of time. The insurance company calculates your insurance premium based on a number of factors including the model of your car, the traffic tickets you’ve been issued in the lasts twelve months as well as your age and marital status. All these factors contribute to the risk level that insurance company watches out for.

Liability Coverage

When you find yourself involved in a car accident, not only does your insurance cover the medical help that you require, but also the repair of the vehicle. More than that, it pays to have good insurance coverage that includes liability insurance. In case the other party decides to file a case against you, the liability clause of your insurance will ensure that you get the right kind of legal and financial help, in case an out of court settlement is possible.

Full Coverage Policy

A full coverage policy is a good coverage option for those who are just new to driving. More importantly, if you are driving the latest vehicle model of a high-end brand or work for a company that requires you to travel a lot, it is best to have the full coverage policy. This is the type of insurance that ensures that you are financially secured no matter what type of accident you may get involved in.

Understanding your policy and its coverage is as important as purchasing the policy itself. While it may be tempting to buy the cheapest, remember that affordability doesn’t always mean the best fit.

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