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Three Things You Never Knew Could Affect Home Insurance

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Whether you are buying home insurance coverage for the first time or are looking at purchasing another program from a different company, dealing with all the paperwork can be quite confusing. The clauses that are contained in each policy mentioned should be carefully thought of. Apart from confusion, knowing very little about the home insurance coverage you intend to could mean higher cost from your end too. Your monthly premium for your homeowner’s insurance could mean thousands of dollars cut off your family budget.

There are some ways you can reduce home insurance costs. If only you knew where to look or who to ask about it, you could have saved more over the years. But there are also several things that you do that you didn’t know could affect your home insurance policy. Here they are on a list:

First, choosing not take part in the home owner’s organization in your area could mean higher costs for your insurance. Although it may seem as if such membership merely is for community development and outreach, they come with more benefits than you think. Most of these Homeowners Organizations are affiliated with home insurance companies. That’s why your membership could entitle you to claim discounts for your monthly premium. If you don’t sign up for membership thinking you can save on membership costs, think again. You might be missing a lot of discounts you can avail of.

Second, did you know that being a smoker could mean higher insurance premium? Smoking inside the house or around its premises could lead to potential fires that’s why most insurance companies charge more when the homeowner is a smoker. However, if you are a non-smoker, it is best to ask the insurance provider if they can offer discounts for you. The leading insurance carriers provide a special insurance rate for those who don’t smoke. If you’re thinking about quitting, this may convince you, even more, to stop smoking.

Lastly, have you recently retired from a job? If you just did, then you should let your insurance provider know that you are. Being retired from work meant being at home most of the time, which also meant being able to attend to your home more often than you used to when you were working. This fact lowers the risk of unwanted accidents in the house that could cost the insurance company for coverage. Ask your insurance provider about the special discount they could give for retired personal like you.


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