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Tree Fell On My Car: Will My Insurance Cover It?

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Whether it is a small twig, a huge branch or the whole tree falling on your car, it can bring about considerable damages. You could only imagine the massive repair bills that will pile up on you just so you can have your car repaired. Most drivers would turn to their car insurance provider hoping to get financial help, but having car insurance does not guarantee coverage for such.

In truth, most car owners are not aware of the coverage that their car insurance includes. For many, purchasing a car insurance is something that they do because it is required by the law, not realizing that the car insurance coverage that they have could make or break them.

Will your insurance cover the tree that fell on your car and the damages that it incurred? It all depends on your coverage as well as the policy type that you signed up for.

If you have a comprehensive car insurance coverage, then you are lucky because it covers just about any type of damages to your car including the one caused by the fallen tree. Depending on the policy you bought, the car insurance representative will check the cost of the repair and approve of the job arranged with their accredited shop. If your car is still under amortization, the lending, usually a bank, will require you to get a comprehensive insurance.

If you only have a liability insurance, you are most likely paying for something less than what a comprehensive insurance owners pay for. The cheap cost says a lot about the coverage that it includes. The liability insurance only covers the damages incurred on other people’s property, but it does not include the repair that your car needs. If you opt for cheaper insurance, then you must prepare yourself to get less of the coverage too.

If you own a home insurance coverage, you shouldn’t expect it to cover the cost of the car repairs too. Though your car is often parked in the garage of your home, it is essentially not part of the house in itself. Don’t waste your time making a claim to your home insurance provider for the repair of your car because a tree fell on it. The efforts will fall useless.

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