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What Does My Homeowner’s Insurance Include?

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

The amount of coverage you choose to have your house insured has a significant impact on how much your monthly premium would be. Alongside this are several other factors which include the location of your house, the security system that you have installed as well as the materials used to build the house. All of these factors help insurance companies tell how much it is going to take to rebuild your home or replace parts of it that may be lost or damaged by a disaster.

If you own particular items of value like rare pieces of artworks or perhaps expensive jewellery and antique pieces, then you might want to get them insured too. However, these may come as extra charges as they are usually not covered by the regular homeowner’s insurance package that most companies offer. You may need to pay for a rider to include extra coverage for all the other items that you consider valuable.

What does my homeowner’s insurance include? It is always best to ask this question from your insurance advisor before you decide to close the deal. What basic coverage do insurance policies usually include? Here they are in a list:

• Personal property coverage. The amount will depend on the coverage that you choose. Be sure to discuss the cost of the replacement of such items with the insurance advisor. It is important that you understand how they put value in the things that you consider important.

• Coverage for the home structure as well as the extras that you decide to include. Storage spaces, pool houses and even the pool can all be included in the homeowner’s insurance. They may be computed with a different cost, but insuring them will all be worth it.

• Coverage for the loss that may be incurred by theft or other forms of perils. The reimbursement cost of such should be pre-computed, so you’ll have an idea how much you can expect in case such loss happens to you.

• Medical expenses of someone who may be injured while in your property. An accident may cause such, but when you need to pay for their medical expenses, you don’t have to worry because it is part of the core coverage of the homeowner’s insurance that you have.

• Liability coverage is also part of the insurance policy you bought for your home. You’ll be able to get the best legal help there is and the money that can be used for settlement when you get your home insured.

When it comes to the coverage of your home insurance, it is best to discuss them with the insurance provider. Knowing what the policy covers will enable you to get the help that you need whenever the need arises.


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